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Check Your Alignment

The spinal column contains the nervous system that enervates all the parts of your body.  When it is out of alignment, certain health and dis-ease symptoms are to be expected.

There are things you can do in the privacy of your own home to help determine if your symptoms are related to a chronic misalignment of your spine.  Register here to receive an instruction sheet with a checklist.  By following the instructions, you will be able to determine rather quickly if you are a candidate for health improvement through chiropractic.

You may download the instruction sheet from HERE.

The file you will be viewing is an Acrobat PDF file. If you have trouble reading it or opening it, you may need to go to the Acrobat website to download a FREE current version of Acrobat Reader.

Of course, a self exam is not intended to take the place of a complete evaluation.  Some alignment problems and subluxations will only show up with proper X-ray techniques.  But we feel confident in recommending this as a first step.

We provide a step by step document that explains how to prepare yourself for a visual examination.  Then you can go over a checklist of things to notice.  The instructions are easy and the procedure only takes a few minutes.

Our goal is to help people identify the possible causes of some of their distress.  When chiropractic is indicated as a possible treatment plan, you can be excited by the possibility of regaining some of your health.  That is what makes our profession so rewarding.

Feel free to contact us if you are in the area.  We schedule examination appointments over the phone.  Call (360) 571-3464.


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