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Getting Started

1.  Initial Consultation

Call (360) 571-3464 to schedule your consultation.  Plan for an appointment of 35 - 45 minutes.

In your initial consultation with Advantage Chiropractic we will spend some time talking about your specific health history and expectations.  Most patients come to us with a specific concern they would like to have treated, so we will discuss what the impact of chiropractic care might be on that symptom.

An examination will be made by Doctor Kozy, including Xrays, if necessary.  Any questions you have will be answered and an appointment will be scheduled for you to review the results of the examination with Dr. Kozy.

2.  Exam Review and Adjustment

At your second appointment the results of your examination will be shared, including a review of your x-rays.  The doctor will explain whether or not chiropractic is a realistic treatment method for your condition, the kinds of results seen by other patients with similar situations, and certain expectations you might have from a chiropractic approach toward health.

A specific adjustment procedure will be done during this appointment.  This is done to correct or alleviate a subluxation that is contributing to the symptoms described.  A treatment recommendation is made which includes the costs, time frames and number of appointments the doctor feels will be necessary to restore health.

3.  Protocol Recommendation

Your third appointment begins with an examination by the doctor to see how your body responded to the adjustment made at the prior meeting.  Depending on the results, the protocol that was recommended at the second appointment will be confirmed, or modified if necessary.

At this time you will discuss the terms of the treatment plan and the payment schedule or methods you would like to use.

4.  Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan may call for adjustments on a regular basis over a period of months.  In many cases, the symptoms of dis-ease are the result of subluxation(s) that have occurred in the spine for months or even years.  Restoring the alignment to its healthy state can't be done in a very short time.

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